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We are Since 2007, the RBK INTERNATIONAL GROUP has grown as a globally diverse commercial group. The company specialises in international trading of agricultural commodities, timber, ferrous and nonferrous metal, coal, petroleum products, and petrochemicals. We are the world's leading provider of bulk commodities trading solutions to clients all over the world.

RBK INTERNATIONAL is committed to the highest quality standards for its products and an unwavering commitment to its clients in order to achieve our aim of becoming one of Singapore's best trading houses.

RBK INTERNATIONAL is an internationally diversified company that sources products from more than 15 countries and markets them in more than 25 countries.


Our Mission

To supply consistently higher quality products to our consumers and other stakeholders by collaborating with the greatest local producers from across the world.

Our Vision

To establish a global trade organisational network that specializes in the commodities in which we operate while maintaining consistency in the quality of all items.


Our Core Commitment

Our core commitment includes providing quality products consistently by collaborating with the best professionals thereby maintaining the sustainability of the company.

Delivering Quality products to the customers and other stakeholders Collaborating with local producers from around the world to offer the best products at affordable prices We believe in maintaining Consistency and Innovation for the products Maintaining sustainability in society by adopting eco-friendly approaches